Mayday Foundation continued ...Response of one of the Board-Directors

Stiftung Mayday

Here is a short followUp of the last post of our LiveStream Charity Event.
Good news first: One of the board Directors of "Stiftung Mayday (Foundation mayday)" will join us on the next Event to answer questions and listening to comments of the viewers.

Here you can find the reply via Email.

Dear "Blackbox"

First of all a big thank you to you as the initiator and fellow of your Livestream-Event. Not only am I very delighted about the large sum of money collected but also from listening to the comments from your donators.

Of course I am available for any questions, even now after the event. If you want via email.

On the next Donation event I will be happy to join you, date and time permitting of course. As an idea, maybe you can create a scenario, which highlights the work of the Mayday foundation (e.g. critical incident and diversion). What do you think? That way there would be a direct link to our procedures, which would be interesting for your viewers and expand their knowledge horizon.

A donation confirmation letter is already on its way. If you give me a little time, I will send you one in English language too.


Hans Rahmann Board of Directors,
Mayday Foundation

You can find more Info about "Stiftung Mayday" on the following Website:
Stiftung Mayday/Foundation Mayday

Watch the Charity-Event on-demand in my last News-post:

A big Thank you to all of you again and hopefully we see us live next Stream!